3 Things About Pavement Cafe Type Occasionals:

1. Remember if your outside area is on City Council property, your Roads Dept permission expires on 31st March 2014 – you should put things in hand to renew now. My recommended Roads Consultant is Findlay Donaldson, who you can reach by email at findlay.donaldson@btinternet.com

2. Glasgow’s new policy statement no longer requires you to take in the outside furniture at 10pm – see new wording here – “The outdoor licensed area must not be used after 10pm for the consumption of alcohol. If situated on a public footway all street furniture and barriers must be taken out of use at 10pm and stored safely and securely in a manner which does not cause an obstruction or nuisance to members of the public and prevents the furniture from being utilised.”

3. While the policy maximum hour is still 10pm for outside drinking, the Board will look at later allowances if you are not close to residential accommodation and have not caused problems in past re: noise nuisance.