So what’s new? September has come and went and I became a doting Grandaddy in late August.

I have had a new right knee fitted to match my plastic ankle which was replaced in 2005. On course for a hip replacement in 2020 and, travelling north, a refurbished head in 2027. Its amazing isn’t it, when you have a walking stick, how many people you notice in the streets with a stick or crutches who weren’t there before! Shakey dudes! Give them a wide berth is my advice!

My birthday on Tuesday 01 October (donations to the Partick Over 80’s Nudist Trampoline Society warmly accepted) also heralded the introduction by our wonderful Government of some new forms of acceptable ID.

So from 01 October 2013 the following are acceptable as ID

1. A passport

2. A European Union photocard driving licence

3. A proof of age card bearing a PASS hologram

………… far, no change, I hear you say

4. A Ministry of Defence identity Card

5. A National Identity card issued by an EU member state

6. A biometric immigration document

Its also now now official – a National Identity Card issued by Norway, Liechtenstein, Iceland, Switzerland and the UK is not acceptable ID. That might be because these countries don’t have a national ID card!

Any questions on this or as to what a biometric immigration document or an MoD ID card looks like – please refer to Mr Kenny MacAskill.

Now chaps, you are being very naughty and not registering in your droves for my Refreshment – sorry Refresher – Training Courses for Personal Licence Holders. I have had to cancel the order for a convertible Bentley. Seriously – yes you have nearly a year but I cant take 5000 people in August 2014!!! Neither will the Glasgow Licensing Board be able to process these So lets get the finger out and spread it out over the next few months starting now! Its only 70 notes a pop and better not risk your personal or premises licence.

Here’s the next few Training Course dates for 2013 –

PERSONAL LICENCE TRAINING – Wednesday 30 October, Wednesdays 06 and 27 November, Tuesday 10 December. 9.15 to 4.30 pm in Glasgow City Centre.

REFRESHER PERSONAL LICENCE TRAINING – Thursdays 31 October, 28 November, 12 December. 10.00am to 2pm in Glasgow City Centre.

Thats it for now folks.

Knees up Grandpa Morty!!!!

Robin x

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