What is it? Who can take it? How does it work?

The online course is ideal for those with basic computing skills and a smartphone wanting to apply for Personal Licences in Scotland or to refresh their existing Personal Licence..
Learners will receive an E-Learning package covering all subjects including:

  • Scottish Licensing Law including the 5 Licensing Objectives
  • Personal Licences
  • Premises Licences
  • Licensing hours and extensions
  • Control of Order and Police powers
  • Protection of children and young people
  • Units in alcohol and its effect on the body / mind
  • Responsibility in alcohol retailing
  • Associated law

There are questions after each module to keep you focussed. In addition I shall bring to the process my 35 years’ experience as a Licensing practitioner and former bar owner by providing my own exercises, quizzes for your benefit. I can support your learning virtually or by email or mobile phone.


Following the completion of the E-Learning process and at an agreed time your exam will take place under a procedure called ‘Remote Invigilation’

To complete the E-Learning examination delegates will be required to log into the Highfield invigilation platform using their unique credentials. The learner will be required to comply with exam conditions using their smartphone and webcam. Setup takes just 5 minutes and support is available in getting set up.

What you will need –

  • Isolated area where you won’t be interrupted, eg. empty room with wifi and power points.
  • A computer
  • A webcam (or for example Apple laptops have webcams built in)
  • A smartphone with a camera
  • Identification: Your Passport or Driving Licence


Please phone 07870 590909 or email I’ll register you on the course and invoice you the fee (£125 or £95 – payment by electronic bank transfer please). On payment I’ll get you to complete a joining form and we’re good to go.