Check all Personal Licence Holders’ licences expiry dates. DEADLINE FOR RENEWING PERSONAL LICENCES IS 9 MONTHS BEFORE EXPIRY DATE. So for 31 August 2019 expiring PLs, the deadline to submit a renewal application is this coming Friday 31 May!! Contact your licensing lawyer without delay

Act now. To renew you need training certification as follows:-

1. An up to date Refresher Certificate OR per recent Govt letter, in the absence of an up to date Refresher certificate, Boards should accept Renewal application with an old training certificate (whether a 2009 full PLH certificate or a Refresher training certificate dated after 01 September 2014) with a fresh Refresher certificate obtained prior to 31 August 2019 to follow by 30 November 2019.

2. This just in – I am told that Glasgow Board would also accept a Renewal application with the Refresher training certificate to follow after 31 May if person has sat the exam and passed, but the certificate not available by 31 May. In this case there is still time to ATTEND MY ‘LAST CHANCE SALOON’ REFRESHER COURSE ON 30 MAY. A few spaces left.

Remember 2 passport pics and your current Personal Licence plus training certificate must accompany Renewal application.

3. Also remember ongoing Refresher training before the expiry of 5 years from the date of issue of your PL

More bad news, as if Brexit / Farage was not enough to take in today……


2 Things to note…

1. IMPORTANT . The Scottish Government is undertaking a Consultation about Occasional Licences. There is a proposal to increase the application lodging fee from £10 to a minimum of £50 and to limit the number of occasionals per site and applicant. See
Contributions to the Consultation process are invited up to 16 July 2019. You should contribute!

2. GLASGOW are going to require a layout plan for each occasional licence application from June 2019. Be ready!!

Have a great summer